1. Why do I have to pay to send a prayer to the Wailing Wall?

    Prayer is a very spiritual and holy pursuit upon which no price can be placed. For this reason, we, and thousands around the world constantly pray for others at request without thought of money in exchange. At Wailing Wall Prayers, we are not asking you to pay for prayers. The money given is compensation for the extreme physical, mental and temporal efforts that a prayer messenger will make on behalf of his/her prayer partner. This money also helps bind the obligation of the prayer messenger to be the dedicated envoy and to better persevere through the entire 40-day prayer journey.

    When a prayer messenger is enlisted for a 40-day prayer journey, they commit to remaining in the Old City of Jerusalem for 40 consecutive days. They cannot go out of town. This often means that their entire families, likewise, will not go out of town with them during this time period. It is a group commitment on behalf of the prayer partner, to do everything humanly possible to help them have their prayers answered. This also means that during their hectic schedule of family, work, community obligations and other responsibilities, they remember daily to make that journey to the Wailing Wall, and regardless of circumstances, focus on your needs when they otherwise would not have had time.

    As an intercessor on your behalf, your prayer messenger is dedicating him/herself fully to your needs and makes it a priority in his day. Given all these circumstances, one can see that the requested donation is truly nominal.

  2. How can I be sure that my prayer will really be done?

    We take care to choose only G-d-fearing, honest people. These people are keenly aware that G-d is always watching and that they will be accountable for all of their actions, good and bad. When one truly understands this reality, nothing in the world is worth intentionally missing a commitment. Also, because human error is possible, our prayer messengers each take it upon themselves to start over again if they accidentally miss a day. This has happened in the past, and each time the messenger began another round of 40 days with no extra donation requested. So, either way, you win. In the event of a missed day, we will contact you to let you know when your prayer will in fact be ending.

  3. Is it okay to get someone else to pray for me?

    Getting someone to pray for you does not eliminate any prayer responsibility on your part, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask others to pray for you as well.

    It says in Leviticus 26:8, “five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall before you by the sword.” Clearly, there is strength in numbers! So, you can and should have any number of people (the more the better) praying for you at any time. Still, this doesn’t affect how much you should also pray for yourself.

  4. On which day will my prayer start?

    Your prayer will start between 2-7 days after your details and payment have been received. Return prayer partners, and people in emergency situations can request that their prayers begin earlier.

  5. I want my prayer to be confidential.

    Your identity, prayer, and circumstances surrounding your prayer are kept absolutely confidential, unless you choose otherwise.

  6. I want my success story to be confidential.

    As some situations are tender, we take care not to reveal one's identity, or whereabouts without prior permission. When a person wants to remain anonymous, we give them an alias, a fake city and a fake picture, so that no one will ever know who they are. But, in other circumstances, names, pictures and stories are welcomed and a wonderful way to openly thank G-d.

  7. Why do you suggest for me to read a page of Psalms?

    King David had an amazing way with words and his psalms, many of which are his personal prayers to G-d, are so beautiful and considered to be so powerful that they are believed to open up the gates on high that allow many blessings to come into your life. They are especially powerful at the Wailing Wall, but can be said anywhere.

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