Special prayers at a holy Rabbi’s tomb in the Ukraine!

Thank G-d spirituality is in the air this month! Thousands are filling the Western Wall plaza daily from all walks of life and places, trying to connect, forgive, be forgiven and merit goodness.

It is a time to re-focus, re-sensitize, and let go of that which is holding us back from true connection with the Lord. I met a friend of mine the other day and was so happy to see such a beautiful change in her – many years of stress seemed to have fallen off her face. She said, “I just came back from Rebbe Nachman’s tomb in Uman. Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful I look since then.” It made me want to go myself :-).

But as I don’t have that luxury this Rosh Hashanah – I decided to send a biblical scholar to pray for me instead. You can too! We are sending a few of our Jerusalem bible students to the tomb in Uman, Ukraine to say the special Tikun HaKlali mystical prayer (10 specific psalms said in a certain order) specifically for each prayer request on the day before the Jewish New Year.

Jewish sources say that when a righteous person dies, s/he has merits in the upper worlds that s/he can use to help those in this world. Some of these righteous people, before their deaths, declare publicly that they will help people in certain ways if one comes to their tomb to pray. They use their merits to influence the Lord’s judgment on our behalf, just as Moses did on behalf of the Israelites during these same 40 days.

One particularly righteous person – Rabbi Nachman of Breslov – declared before his death that he had extra abilities to help people who come to his tomb on the day before Rosh Hashanah and recite the entire Tikun Haklali (10 specific psalms said in a mystically-significant order). He is buried in the small town of Uman, Ukraine.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

Pray for Me at the Holy Rabbi’s Tomb in Uman!
(Under “Prayer Options”, choose “($36) Uman Prayers”).

With blessings from Jerusalem for health, happiness, fulfillment and abundance in all things good,


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